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Posted by Shippo on Tuesday January 6, 2009
Happy 2009!

Hey guys, have a good new year! Hope you have lots of fun this year too!

In case you haven't noticed, we have purchased a domain and you can also access this site plus more materials at

I'm not separating the two sites, so you will see the two sites being updated simultaneous, especially with user controlled contents such as episode summaries and spoilers. For complete contents, please check both sites.

Posted by Shippo on Sunday December 21 ,2003
New episode summaries and spoilers posted up!


Posted by Wolfwood on Thursday November 27 ,2003
Posted by Wolfwood on Monday November 10 ,2003
DON'T WORRY!!!! WE ARE NOT DEAD!!! We are sorry that things are going slow at Trigun World, but we will be updating the site soon!
Posted by Wolfwood on Saturday August 23 ,2003
All character profiles are done for the Gung-Ho-Guns. Other characters will be added soon, such as the Nebraska Family, to the character profiles section.
Posted by Shippo on Tuesday August 19 ,2003
Screencaps Ready!

In case you don't want to wait for the Trigun re-runs on Adult Swim, check out the screencap section to get a glimpse of the episodes you might have missed.

Posted by MBOL0810 on Tuesday August 12 ,2003
Those of you who have longed for for more adventures of our favorite gunslinger Vash the Stampede no need to wait anymore.Dark Horse and Digital Manga have announced that they will be co-plublishing the Trigun and Hellsing Manga along with the adaptation of The Ring. The Manga will published as a trade paperbacks in right and left format. Trigun and The Ring will be released on November 1st with Hellsing following on December 1st. I know I can't wait.
Posted by Wolfwood on Wednesday August 06 ,2003
This is Wolfwood, your new Trigun World character profiles admin. Just wanted to let you know that more character profiles are finish and am working on more.
Posted by Rem on Tuesday August 05 ,2003
I placed some new articles.
Posted by Shippo on Saturday July 12 ,2003
New Trigun Articles & New TWORLD Admin

  • A new Trigun article section is now created for trigun fans, check out the current articles available:

    Lovers, Friends or Enemies - The Trigun Relationship Map
    About the character: Vash the Stampede

  • Let's welcome the new admin, Rem, who will be the head editor for the article section. Please look forward to more Trigun Articles from her!
  • Posted by Shippo on Thursday June 19 ,2003
    Trigun Video Game on Sega

    This may be old news, but I fetched it off the net, hopefully it will at least be of some entertainment value to you guys..

    "Sega has announced three titles in which RED Entertainment will be producing. The first is "The Planet Gun Smoke - TRIGUN", based on the manga "Trigun" by Yasuhiro Nightow. Sega subsidiary SmileBit will be developing the game, headed by producer Tooru Kubo. The game will take advantage of Sega's network technology, and also feature their own new unique presentation technique called "Manga Dimension". The platform for the title is unannounced."

    *The news source if from an article posted on animenewsnetwork on April, 2002.

    Posted by Shippo on Wednesday June 18 ,2003
    News concerning Trigun airing on Adult Swim

    Cartoon Network is advertising that Lupin the 3rd is returning to Adult Swim in the 1:30 time slot where Cowboy Bebop has been airing. CN's online schedule confirms this. Cowboy Bebop is not currently scheduled for air time. Trigun is also being dropped from the schedule to be replaced by Reign.


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