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Posted by Shippo on Tuesday January 6, 2009
Happy 2009!

Hey guys, have a good new year! Hope you have lots of fun this year too!

In case you haven't noticed, we have purchased a domain and you can also access this site plus more materials at

I'm not separating the two sites, so you will see the two sites being updated simultaneous, especially with user controlled contents such as episode summaries and spoilers. For complete contents, please check both sites.

Posted by Shippo on Sunday December 21 ,2003
New episode summaries and spoilers posted up!


Posted by Wolfwood on Thursday November 27 ,2003
Posted by Wolfwood on Monday November 10 ,2003
DON'T WORRY!!!! WE ARE NOT DEAD!!! We are sorry that things are going slow at Trigun World, but we will be updating the site soon!
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[Basic Info About Trigun]

Title: Trigun
Number of Episodes: 26
Length of Episodes: 25 minutes
U.S. Publisher: Pioneer Animation
Director: Satoshi Nishimura
Japanese Release: 1998
Studio: Madhouse
Trigun Creator: Yasuhiro Nightow

[The Mysterious Cat: Kuroneko]

Find out why this cat makes an appearanced in all episodes in the complete Trigun F.A.Q. !

[Trigun Polls: InuYasha vs. Vash]

If Vash fights InuYasha, who would win?
Vote for your fav. hero in Fan Polls.

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