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Well I know how people like to act like the characters in anime so I thought
you might want to add how to perform a Twist Serve like Ryoma. I'll do more
sections later.

1. The grip recommended for performing a Twist Serve is the Eastern Backhand
(from my experiences).

2. The toss of the ball is very crucial when perform a Twist Serve. You want
to toss it so that if you weren't going to take a swing at it the ball would
land slightly behind and to the left of your head.

3. Before you swing be sure to bend your knees, arch your back, and turn your
shoulders. Your back should be somewhat facing the net.

4. Swing from 7:00 to 1:00 (in simple terms just swing up, then to the
right). Be sure that when you swing that you brush the back of the ball to give it a
45 degree spin.

5. If you want to give the ball more height or depth just meet the ball a
little farther back.

6. To put more spin, just swing faster. Simple, eh?

7. If you're getting more of a topspin serve than a twist serve, swing more
from left to right.

8. Make sure you aim high so that the ball will clear the net with no

9. Practice, practice, practice. You aren't going to get it on the first try.
Start practicing somewhere close to the net and move your way back, putting
more spin each time. You'll get it sooner or later.

P.S. This is based on my experieces with this serve.

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