Seigaku Regulars

Tennis Basics


Episode ScreenCaps

    1.The Prince Appears

    2.Samurai Junior

    3.The Seigaku regular members have arrived

    5.Snake Shoot

    9.The hard day

    13.Men play doubles

    20.Time Limit

    22.The troubles of Kaoru

    23.Appeared ! Inui's Juice Deluxe

    24.Ryoma's hollyday

    25.The Strongest Man in Seigaku

    27.Karupin's Adventure

    28.A new Regular Appears !?

    32.Super move! Eiji's "pretend to sleep" attack!

    36.Syusuke Fuji, the big brother

    40.A Duel In the Rain

    51.Inui's Challenge

    52.Seigaku's Biggest Crisis

    55.Hyotei Presses Near

    75.Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu

    76.Seigaku's Taijou formation


    79.I formation

    80.Pretender's Strategy

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