Seigaku Regulars

Tennis Basics

NameKikumaru Eiji
Height (cm)171
Blood TypeA
BirthdayNovember 28th
ShoesWilson (slash DT mid)
Special SkillAcrobatic Play
QuotesHoi Hoi, Nya
Favorite SubjectJapanese History
Favorite ColorRed
HobbyBrush Teeth (with his precious toothpaste), tour pet shops.
DescriptionEiji is perhaps the most popular character in this anime. He's well known for his acrobatic play, together with Oishi, they are known as Seigaku's golden pair. Eiji has a big teddy bear at home and when it falls, it's always towards left. Eiji was able to use this as a game strategy with Oishi in one game. Eiji has a terrific personality although he loves to tease others as well, this got Oishi, who is a really sensitive person really mad in one occasion and caused the biggest crisis of Seigaku - the breaking up of the golden pair.

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