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NameFuji Syusuke
Height (cm)167
Blood TypeB
BirthdayFebruary 19th
RacketPrince (Michael Chang Titanium)
Special SkillSwallow return
Favorite SubjectClassics
Favorite ColorBeige
DescriptionFuji is known as a tennis tensai (genius). He's extremely famous among all the tennis players in the region. Fuji's skill is right behind Tezuka's. He also has a brother who goes to a different tennis school, mainly because he didn't want to be compared to his big brother - Fuji, who's already known as the tensai player at Seigaku. Fuji is always smiling no matter in what situation, this gives him a really friendly appearance, although in fact, Fuji is a deadly strong tennis player that most Junior high players should pray to never meet in the court.

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