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Posted by Echizen on Tuesday June 22 ,2010
Sorry for the delay on news folks. But please be patient for any new info. Thank You!
Posted by Echizen on Monday June 07 ,2010
As you know Inui Sadaharu's birthday has past. It was June 3. Happy late birthday Inui!
Posted by Echizen on Saturday April 03 ,2010
Happy almost Easter everyone!
Posted by Hisoka on Tuesday March 30 ,2010
Hey guys, we have a new recruit called Echizen who will be joining us!
Posted by Hisoka on Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Yahoooo! Almost Easter. Bunny power!

New Prince of Tennis Manga now out!

Okay, it's no longer just a rumour. The New Prince of Tennis manga, also by Takeshi Konomi, is now released. The publisher is Shueisha. I'm waiting for Viz Media to release the english version.

Posted by Hisoka on Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Happy New Year to all the Prince of Tennis fans out there!

I approved the episode summaries submitted recently. We still need a lot more entries, especially the later episodes toward the ending. So if you would like to contribute, you will make lots of fans happy.

Posted by Hisoka on Friday, September 5, 2008
Hey. I just loaded the Episode Summary with more episode titles, up to episode 178 "Goodbye, Prince". Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of these latter episodes yet. So I will need fans to write the summaries. If you'd like to help out, there's an "add" link on the episode summary page.

I received a few emails from people applying to be admins on this website. I'm considering on whether to add you guys in. I'm not growing this site extensively mainly because I haven't had time to catch up on these episodes yet. When I do, I will let you guys know, k. :)

Posted by Hisoka on Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Hi all. I have officially fixed all sections of princeoftennis.com!! All image galleries are working wonderfully, as well as contests and interactive parts of the site. It was such hard work, but I'm glad I did it.

I also restored my access to my email, hisoka @ animechains.com. Just in case you find an error message somewhere on this website, please be kind and send a note to me.

Oh, also special thanks to the technical support we received from our host. They're very nice this time, unlike other hosts who rudely ignored my questions, they answered me promptly. Kudos!

Posted by Hisoka on Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Hi. You will notice the missing pictures and media files have all been restored. I found back ups of screen captures that were not added to the site as well as wallpapers and winamp skins. There might still be occasional operation errors. For example, vote for prince of the week is still not working properly. I have contacted the technical support and they're looking into this.
Posted by Hisoka on Monday July 21, 2008
Oh my…it's been over four years since I updated this website. I should get an award for the most dedicated website manager ever! I just spent a couple of hours reviewing and adding in episode summaries. So we should have a pretty complete database of Prince of Tennis episode summaries now. (many different versions per episode sometimes actually) I want to thank the authors who contributed these and I'm sorry it took me so long to post them up. Visitors, enjoy!
Posted by Hisoka on Wed November 24 ,2004
Posted by Ka Youngie on Friday November 28 ,2003
Hey all! Just wanted to let you know I sent a new wallpaper to Hisoka...so hopefully it'll be up soon!
Posted by Rakukojin on Monday October 27 ,2003
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy as of late. If you want more info on Prince of Tennis you can always visit the fan forum. I'll usually be there from time to time so you can get the latest news from there. P.S. Today is my birthday. I'm finally 16 (and yes, I'm a junior in high school).
Posted by Ka Youngie on Tuesday September 09 ,2003
Um...just a correction on what Hisoka said. It's a new wallpaper and winamp skins that I did, not screencaps~ ^^;; I also made some more buddy icons, so those should be up soon...enjoy!
Posted by Hisoka on Sunday September 07 ,2003
New Image Galleries added in: Manga Covers and Dvds. Check those out in the Image section. Credits goes to soon-to-come new admin. New screencaps and wallpaper done by Ka Youngie are also posted. Just a reminder to all the admins listed in the Site Admin list, please send me an email at hisoka@animechains.com to reconfirm your admin status, I lost all of the admin contact data due to an email server crash. Thanks all!
Posted by Ka Youngie on Tuesday August 19 ,2003
Hello everyone! This is Ka Youngie, the new media admin. As Hisoka mentioned, there are now Seigaku regulars' buddy icons available on the Media Downloads section. I'm also working on some wallpapers right now, so be on the lookout for those as well. Well then, I hope you guys enjoy my work~ Thanx!
Posted by Hisoka on Monday August 18 ,2003
New Stuff Updated Today: 2 new wallpapers - media; A bunch of new episode screencaps (thx to captivehearts.net) - screen caps; School profiles - done by upcoming new profiles admin. Character Buddy Icons - media admin. Rumor or fact: POT licensed by Funimation?!
Posted by Aphrodisiak on Monday August 11 ,2003
Hello to all of POT fan I am Aphrodisiak, and I will be commenting all of the macthes that occurs in Prince of Tennis. My 2 first match are now posted, its from episode 55 in the Kantou Regional Tournament, Seigaku VS Hyotei. Momoshiro - Eiji VS Yuushi - Gakuto AND Kaidoh - Inui VS Ootori - Shishido. I will start from episode 1 this week. I am happy to be in the team, and I hope everyone will enjoy my match summaries.
Posted by Rakukojin on Friday August 08 ,2003
Six more manga summaries have been added today.
Posted by Rakukojin on Sunday July 27 ,2003
For those who have the actual cards or are planning to get a head start before its English release, the TCG rules are up.
Posted by Hisoka on Tuesday July 22 ,2003
Thumbnail previews now available for images in the Image Gallery section. Thanks goes to co-admin Rakukojin.
Posted by Rakukojin on Sunday July 20 ,2003
I've just finished all the chapters of Volume 2 for the manga summaries. Remember that all summaries are for your viewing pleasure only. They are not to be used on any other sites other than Prince of Tennis Domain. Enjoy.
Posted by Rakukojin on Wednesday July 16 ,2003
Well I heard from a friend that there is going to be an OVA released for Japan soon. I don't know if it's true or not but I'll look into it.
Posted by Rakukojin on Thursday July 10 ,2003
Well, yesterday I got a hold of the August 2003 issue of Shonen Jump and I noticed a little preview of The Prince of Tennis featured in the Manga Explorer section: "In Japan, a manga anthology can hardly call itself "shonen" without a sports story! Right now, Weekly Shonen Jump's #1 sports manga is the smash hit Tennis no Ojisama, also known as The Prince of Tennis. Author Takeshi Konomi brings all the speed and power of tennis to life through the competitive experiences of his pint-sized hero, Ryoma Echizen. You should never judge a book by it's over. Short and quiet with a massive, monogrammed racket case, you might mistake 12-year-old Ryoma for a spoiled tennis wannabe-and that's exactly what one loud mouthed, high school punk does in the first chapter. When they meet on the court, Ryoma effortlessly kicks his butt. The poor punk didn't realize he was playing against America's Junior Tennis champ! Having proved his genius in the U.S., Ryoma has returned to Japan to attend Seishun Academy, a school famous for its tennis team. When Ryoma beats the older players, each responds differently. One of them, Kaoru Kaido, explodes with anger after being bested by a first-year student. Ryoma's habit of telling other players how to improve their game can make defeat even harder to swallow. Despite this, Ryoma's obvious talent inspires clever and calculating team captain Kunimitsu Tezuka to ignore the unofficial rule that first-years have to wait a quarter before competing for the team. Soon, Seishun Academy is playing against colorful characters from opposing teams-and the adventure begins in earnest." Well The Prince of Tennis won't be arriving in America soil for a while. By showing this preview, Shonen Jump has shown that they are interested in Prince of Tennis and will bring it to America in the future.
Posted by Hisoka on Wednesday July 09 ,2003
More wallpapers needed. If anyone want to help out by donating some Prince of Tennis wallpapers they designed themselves, email me hisoka@animechains.com

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