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Posted by Shippo on Sunday June 27 ,2004
New screencaps, fansite contest updates and IY rumors.
  • We finally got our paws on the second half of the "Inuyasha & Kikyo Love Story" episodes. Check out
  • We also brought you screencaps from the very latest Inuyasha episode released in Japan:
  • We already received a large number of nominations for the upcoming Inuyasha Website Survivor Contest. Some sites are beautiful, others are plain horrible. We will unveil the good and the bad on July 1st. Meanwhile, if you have more sites you want to nominate, go right ahead!.
  • Inuyasha rumors or facts? We have been hearing similar things from various sources: Is it possible that our beloved Inuyasha series will end in September/2004, are we getting another Inuyasha movie at the end of this year? At the current time, no official sources have confirmed these rumors yet. So keep your ears perked, if anything comes up, we will be sure to keep you updated. ^-^
Posted by Shippo on Saturday June 19 ,2004
Inuyasha Fansite Survivor Contest round #1 launched; More screencaps; Free webhosts reviews posted; New affiliate!

  • Alrighty, we've all waited long enough for this. The highly anticipated Inuyasha Fansite Survivor Contest is now launched! We want to select the best Inuyasha websites and we want you to nominate them!
  • Here are some more screencaps for your enjoyment, again, lots of thanks goes to the kind hearted fans who continues to send these screencaps to us. ^^
  • I'm sure fellow webmasters have headaches as well when it comes to selecting a good and affordable webhosts. Check out inuyasha fans' personal reviews of FREE web hosting services. Hehe.. While you're at it, don't forget to enter your IY sites into our contest!
  • Are you a fan of Kiddy Grade? If you are, definitely give a visit to IYWORLD's newest affiliate: KiddyGrade.net.
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Featured Screencap
From Episode 84:

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